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Travel Technology is paramount to the success and growth of the business travel industry and its future.

We love finding existing and emerging talent within travel technology to help facilitate this rapidly evolving area of travel.


Our experience in travel recruitment ensures we can help our clients with securing some cutting edge talent for wide range of positions needed within their businesses. As the part technology plays in the travel industry continues to evolve, the need for the expertise of those driven by technology is ever more apparent and we are skilled at honing in on those individuals.

We recruit for positions within Travel Technology for TMC’s & Technology Suppliers.

Finding You Great People

We know that technological advances have revolutionised the way businesses travel and with expectations from clients changing all the time, the technology element of the travel industry will forever be imperative to any organisation.

We understand that as travel trends continue to change to not only offer a seamless client experience, but sustainable travel options, duty of care to travellers and much more, there are many areas of technology that need to come together to make this work. Any business travel organisation needs a smooth back office system, a fully integrated and workable interface, tech products that gives their company a competitive edge and a proud team of staff behind it all.

And for those proud members of staff.. well…that’s where we come in! We’ll find those people who will bring expertise, passion, dedication and skill, taking them through the recruitment process with care and respect.

“They truly are fantastic.  Their level of interest and pro-active methods really stood out from anything I've ever experienced and I've ended up in a role that without the two of them I may not of been able to achieve”


Both Caroline and Emma have been involved in the travel industry since 1999, either working directly within it, or, recruiting for it.

Caroline has specialised in recruiting predominantly for the Corporate Travel market since 2002.

With a fantastic network of connections and a deep understanding of the Business Travel sector in particular, she has become an industry leader and a “go to” recruiter for many years.

Emma spent several years working directly within Corporate and Incentive group travel for an airline before specialising in making travel arrangements for the music and entertainment industry. Since 2011 she’s been in Travel Recruitment, utilising her knowledge of working within the industry to bring together people and vacancies.

With a perfect blend of both recruitment and travel industry knowledge, you couldn’t be in better hands to assist you with finding the right people for your roles within the Travel Industry.