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Our specialist recruitment sector is Travel. We are passionate about the people, the jobs, the companies, the locations(!) and the industry.


Understanding the key factors in what makes a successful in house travel team is where we shine. A crucial part of any organisation that travels frequently for business, no matter how big or small, an inhouse travel team can streamline processes and take a great deal of pressure off many parts of the business.

Having recruited for Travel Administrators, Travel Co-ordinators and Travel Managers for Media Networks, Investment Companies, Automotive and Fashion Companies, we’re well versed when it comes to identifying the skills needed for these kind of roles. By building up a picture of the travel these companies undertake on an annual basis, we can clearly identify where gaps need to be bridged and we know exactly where we can find the people to do just that.

Always Understanding

Travel for business is a complex process and can be chaotic, even with the use of a TMC. Having a dedicated Travel Co-ordinator/Manager or (team of them if you need it!) brings organisation to a travel program as well as saving a great deal of money and time on correcting mistakes!

By working with a specialist Business Travel recruitment company such as Urbanberry Recruitment, there’s a guarantee of the understanding of that all important relationship between an inhouse travel team and a TMC, enabling a smooth and successful recruitment process.

"Amazing recruitment agency. I can't thank Emma and Caroline enough for giving me the guidance to kick start my career. Throughout the job search I received impeccable communication and a great helping hand in order to find the right job role. I would highly recommend Urbanberry to anyone who is seeking employment"


Both Caroline and Emma have been involved in the travel industry since 1999, either working directly within it, or, recruiting for it.

Caroline has specialised in recruiting predominantly for the Corporate Travel market since 2002.

With a fantastic network of connections and a deep understanding of the Business Travel sector in particular, she has become an industry leader and a “go to” recruiter for many years.

Emma spent several years working directly within Corporate and Incentive group travel for an airline before specialising in making travel arrangements for the music and entertainment industry. Since 2011 she’s been in Travel Recruitment, utilising her knowledge of working within the industry to bring together people and vacancies.

With a perfect blend of both recruitment and travel industry knowledge, you couldn’t be in better hands to assist you with finding the right people for your roles within the Travel Industry.