“I don’t want to feel like just a number anymore….”

A very regular theme during our chats with candidates about why they’re looking to leave their current business travel jobs.

But what do they mean by that? Is it explicitly reserved for large, faceless organisations or are smaller companies guilty of making their staff feel undervalued too?

With 2023 proving to be increasingly challenging when it comes to finding skilled staff within the Business Travel sector, the importance of creating a culture where employees are shown (and feel), their place in the company is valued is crucial.

But how can this be done? Is it harder to achieve in a large company versus a small one?

In our opinion, the size of the organisation should be, and often is, irrelevant. We hear of companies with 1000’s of employees getting it right, and those  businesses with a headcount of 20 or less, getting it very wrong.

So what’s the answer?

How can you keep employees engaged, inspired, motivated and loyal?

Keep open channels of communication at all times. Employees’ need to know who to talk to and when. Share business updates, plans and progression opportunities before they hear it on the grapevine.

Focus on individual performances throughout the year, not just at review meetings. Managers- go out of your way to notice something someone has done and tell them how much you have appreciated it.

Say hello! You’d be surprised how many people say they clock in to work and no one even looks up and says good morning.

Take an interest in who they are outside of work. The people working for you are just that, PEOPLE. With lives, families, hobbies and interests. Get to know your staff on a deeper level.

Invest in a benefit scheme that actually benefits them. Still touting a cycle to work scheme as a benefit for your home workers? That doesn’t make them feel important or included. ASK your employee’s what benefits they’d like to see you offer.

Don’t tolerate bullying behaviour from ANY member of staff. Allowing actions that can isolate and belittle will leave staff demotivated and lonely.

Increase your awareness around Diversity, Equality and Inclusion across the business. Learn how to implement inclusive language as standard practice, share your strategies openly and create a culture where everyone feels welcomed.

Give your employee’s a voice. Ask their opinions, set up focus groups and encourage them to speak up about their daily work life.

And if you’re going to give them a voice… then actually listen and act upon what you hear.

Hopefully this helps with a starting point of how to make your business travel staff feel like they are truly valued in your company.  The cost to constantly replace staff is not only financial but detrimental to the morale of the business- so work on retaining the ones you’ve got and when you need to hire because you’re growing – we’re here to help.

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