What makes a great member of staff leave?

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February 12, 2019
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March 12, 2019

Do you feel like you need some help in understanding why your staff are leaving? Even if you hold exit interviews, are you really getting to the bottom of what’s made them look elsewhere?

We know and understand how constantly recruiting for the same positions can be challenging and extremely expensive. It’s costly not only in pounds but also in time, attention and training- not to mention how if affects your other members of staff who are witnessing a permanently revolving door of colleagues they are only just getting to know.

So why does top talent leave a role for something very similar but with one of your competitors? Well, we hear all sorts of reasons that people look to “jump ship” and our top picks are highlighted here below.

Not being listened to: When staff have a problem, they need to know its going to be taken seriously. People (there’s always an exception to the rule of course!), generally want to come in to work, enjoy their day and go home. They don’t set out to cause issues but if they DO have a problem, suggestion or observation, they want to be heard and valued as a member of staff. Make sure your teams are treated as they should be and issues are dealt with quickly.

Positive work environment: Nope, we’re not expecting you to burst in to motivational songs every morning to get your staff in the right frame of mind for the day! But a bright office with fresh air, pictures, plants, current news boards and sociable break out areas is key to setting the tone. Make sure all senior members of staff are proud to work for you and it will filter down through to all levels.

Not being able to use their strengths: When you write a job spec, you look for a person to fit in with that “ideal”. But what about all the other strengths that your employee’s have BESIDES what’s on their CV? If you know that Jane in Reservations handles clients exceptionally well, let her get involved in some basic account management. You’re not training her up so she can move on, you’re keeping her interested in working for YOU. Job seekers are often frustrated at not feeling appreciated and smart managers take the time to figure out what people are good at and let them utilise it.

No advancement opportunities: No one wants to be stuck in a dead end job. Even if they do enjoy the role, as humans, we have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy learning new things. If your company is small, that doesn’t mean you can’t offer new learning opportunities. Companies evolve, systems change and there can always be something new to bring to the table.

Lack of benefits: Refresh your benefits package regularly and incentivise your staff on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A promise of a “discretionary” annual bonus is ok but most companies offer that. Think of something that rewards fairly, regularly and gives everyone something to strive towards and you’ll find you have motivated staff that appreciate when they’re on to a good thing.

It’s inevitable that some people will leave because its just the right time for them and that’s ok. Everyone needs to feel challenged and a change of scenery can do just that. So when that happens and you need to fill a role, think of Urbanberry Recruitment and we’ll happily help you find a star candidate who wants to make their mark with your company.

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