Urbanberry Recruitment: 6 months in!

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It’s been 6 months since Caroline and I pressed the button on Urbanberry Recruitment Ltds’ launch… and we are SO glad we did!! It’s been an amazing first half a year and we wanted to share with you a little bi-annual update on what we’re up to, how we’re doing it and why it’s the best thing we could ever have done.

Our business is one of communication, relationship building and trust. Recruitment Consultants are often 2nd in line (after Estate Agents of course..) in the category of “most irritating people to deal with” and from speaking to some candidates we can see why they’d feel that way. Top on the list of complaints is “not listening to what I want”, “being too pushy”, “getting argumentative and aggressive if I turn down a job”.  We’ve had many years in the Recruitment industry and have never succumbed to that mentality however owning your own business means you get to treat people EXACTLY as you wish to be treated yourself.

We’ve had some undisputable feedback from candidates we’ve placed thus far, all saying that we are unlike any other recruiter they’ve ever dealt with. And I think that’s because we genuinely care about what we do, this isn’t just a “job” for us, this is our career, our livelihood. We help support our young families by doing this job so hey, we have to get it right. And getting it right to us means that for every single person we come in to contact with we treat them with respect, humanity and offer that personal touch –  listening to their needs and wants and understanding when and if we can help.

It makes our little hearts sing when we get feedback such as:

“They truly are fantastic.  Their level of interest and pro-active methods really stood out from anything I’ve ever experienced and I’ve ended up in a role that without the two of them I may not of been able to achieve”

“It’s been great dealing with you both. Urbanberry has a nice personal touch!” 

We primarily work from home offices but that doesn’t mean we sit with our feet up and tap out the occasional email… we work harder than we’ve EVER worked in our lives!!! Emails and phone calls mean the days pass like they never did before and if success was measured on effort we’d be millionaires!!  We work whenever we need to – we understand it’s not always possible for you to speak between the hours of 9 and 5. So our candidates let us know what time is convenient and we aim to work around that.

The focus of our business is to be recognised as the “go to” company for corporate travel professionals looking for a new job, and for clients to know we get candidates that are unique to us because they don’t feel the need to go anywhere else.  Super phenomenal powers and worldwide recognition would be nice too…

We’d just like to take the opportunity to thank every single person who has supported us so far in getting our business off the ground. We 100%  LOVE what we do and we are busier than ever with a real diverse ranges of jobs in the Business Travel sector.

So, keep on sharing our jobs, contacting us via Linkedin, our emails, our phones, Facebook or Instagram (oh yes, we have joined the modern world and now love posting photo’s on here of our lives inside and outside of work!!)  But most of all, when you are looking for a fresh start in the business travel sector, remember URBANBERRY RECRUITMENT LTD and we’ll be there to show you that you and your career really matters to us.

Emma and Caroline

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urbanberryrecruitment/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/urbanberry-recruitment-ltd/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/urbanberrytravelrecruitment/


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