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October 15, 2019
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When looking for a new role as a Business Travel Consultant whether you are coming from a Travel Management Company already, or, you are in Leisure Travel and fancy a change, there are certain things you need to do in order to get yourself noticed. We have a wealth of experience in recruiting for this sector and in helping plenty of people either start, or grow in their careers as Business Travel Consultants.

So, what would be our top tips for ensuring you make an impact right from the start?

Make your online profile relevant:  First of all, you have to get noticed. Sifting through online applications and job sites, a recruiters job is to quickly find those people who match their clients needs. If your CV doesn’t have details of your day to day job, you can easily be missed. Make sure your online profile displays the job title that is relevant to the role you are applying for. Job sites often show recruiters purely your name and your current job title, it’s up to the recruiter to click on your profile if they think your CV is of interest. So if your job title that’s been automatically picked up by the system is “Shop Worker” from your job when you were 21 but actually you’ve been in travel for the last 10 years as a Travel Consultant, change it!!!

All systems go: Mention the systems  you’ve worked on – ALL of them. Key words also get picked up on CV searches, don’t generalise and say “I’ve used lots of travel related systems”. Be specific and list- Galileo, Sabre, Amadeus, Concur, Get There etc.

Pick up the phone: So, you’ve peaked the interest of a recruiter who thinks it’s worth having a chat to you. Our first port of call is to try and give you a ring to have an informal chat. If you can’t answer the phone, we’ll leave a message or send an email/text. CALL US BACK WHEN YOU CAN! Send an email by all means and advise you’ll be calling at lunch, we’ll do all we can to keep the phone clear for you. But don’t leave it assuming we’ll call again- we might, or, we  might be on the phone to someone else who’s after that same job…

Impress with your personality: On that telephone call we’re listening for several things. Whilst the chat might be informal and nothing to prepare for, we are wanting to hear drive, passion, enthusiasm, a clear, confident telephone manner and an engaging conversation. We are imagining how you would perform in front of one of our clients and in Business Travel it’s important that you could switch between dealing with a PA of a company or the Managing Director.

Statistics talk: If you’ve won awards for being a top seller in your company – mention it on your CV! If you’ve been responsible for a growth in business, brought on new clients, gone over and above in your job role, please, please give examples and tell us. You may not have the exact amount of experience our client requires but if you can show that in the time you do have, you’ve made a significant impact, it shows the kind of employee you are.

Understand the difference between Business and Leisure: If you’re coming from a Leisure background, we will fully support you to help you land a role in Business Travel. We can secure you an interview based on selling you to our client with a great CV, transferrable skill set and your outstanding personality BUT we can’t be there in the interview.  You need to have done your research and know what the role involves so you have a clear idea of the difference. If you’re not sure, ASK US!!! We are here to help prepare you as much as possible.

Know the market: The company you’re interviewing at- what changes have they been through recently? What are they up to on Social Media? Who are their competitors and their target clientele? Their core values and principles? Understanding the company you are wanting to work for and showing that you have made a real effort to do your research will put you head and shoulders above the rest.

Business Travel is a hugely personable industry but professionalism and attention to detail in your work remain at the forefront of any employers mind. A strong interview can tip the balance of an employer who is in two minds about your CV so take note of the above and don’t be afraid to ask us for help!!

If you’re interested in having a chat with us, please do get in contact with Emma or Caroline on or and we’ll discuss potential opportunities!!

Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay 

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