Thinking of moving on? Our guide to recognising the RIGHT time to change jobs.

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November 29, 2017
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Itchy feet, bored, frustrated, needing more money, looking for a fresh challenge…..? Everyone has experienced these feelings at work at some point in their careers. After all, if we didn’t, we’d all be sat doing the same thing forever! These are all perfectly normal and commonly felt feelings (particularly on a Monday morning..!) But when IS the right time to actively start looking for a new job? When do you take on the challenge of putting yourself out there, contacting recruitment agencies and committing to interviews?

Unemployment may currently be at a low level in the UK at the moment but that doesn’t mean finding a new job is an easy task. Whether you’re in a big city or small village, employers are specific about what they are looking for and often have no need to compromise as there will be a plethora of candidates snapping at their heels.

Have a read of our checklist to make sure you’re 100% committed to moving on for the RIGHT reasons – then don’t forget to give us a call to have a chat about the career options available to you!

  1. BOREDOM – Think about what you’re bored of. Is it the actual day to day responsibilities of the job? Will that change if you do the exact same job somewhere else? Or do you actually enjoy your job but feel like there are issues within your company that just aren’t getting resolved? Always remember your first port of call with boredom is to chat to your manager. Express your need for variation in your role, put yourself forward for extra responsibilities. Discuss anything that could be done to put that spring back in your step – no company will want to lose good staff and should take your concerns on board.
  2. MORE MONEY – Everyone wants a higher paid job, even the prospect of a slight pay rise in today’s expensive cities can be a temptation to send in that application and sometimes rightly so. But make sure you are being realistic..  starting a new job and after 4 months looking around for a new one as you want a pay rise? Unfair on your current company and will not show you in a good light to future employers.  Make sure money alone is NOT your main motivation for moving on- you won’t necessarily be happy with a couple of extra grand in your pocket.
  3. FOLLOWING THE CROWD… There’s a rumour going round that Peter told Jane that Suzy said everyone was getting a pay cut! And then Jim handed his notice in so it must be related to that.. QUICK! Best desert the sinking ship! Before making any rash decisions make sure its’s what you WANT to do. Don’t let anyone else scaremonger you in to leaving, it’s quite possible you don’t know their real reasons for going.
  4. PLAYING A GAME: One of the most frustrating things for a prospective employer is finding that perfect new team member, offering them the job, arranging a start date and then finding out they’ve been counter offered by the current company in to staying.  And they choose to stay. There’s no denying that this happens, the hard working member of staff who’s been quietly beavering away for years, frustrated that they don’t feel appreciated decides to get a new job to prove to their employer someone else wants them. But they have no intention of actually leaving and are hoping their plan works and they get offered a pay rise/promotion to convince them to stay. NEWSFLASH!! Some companies WILL NOT counter offer you. You could hand in your notice and they’ll wave you on your merry way.  If they do counter offer you and you go back to your new potential employer to try and engage in a bidding war, you could find your job offer swiftly revoked.. no one likes to be held to ransom, especially if you have cited your reasons for moving to be more than money orientated.

It’s really important to recognise that looking for a new job takes time and commitment. You have to be prepared to attend interviews before and after work, take annual leave if necessary and recognise it may be a long process. You need to be contactable via phone or email, return calls, answer messages and spend time researching prospective companies. 

All of this is more than worth it when you land a role with your dream company and can move on to pastures new with renewed excitement and passion for your job. That’s the goal Urbanberry want to help you achieve, we just want to make sure it’s the right time for YOU.

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