What is the Talented Travel Hub?

We’re a recruitment company who specialise in the travel industry. We know our sector is successful because of the people who work in it.

Whether your role is front line, back office support, management or you’re delivering a service or product - without YOU, the spark that ignites the industry would be missing.

We understand just how many people in the travel, hospitality and events sectors have been affected by the global pandemic of 2020. Careers have been halted, journeys of self development incomplete. For necessity or out of choice, lots of people have decided to find alternative career paths in sectors outside of travel and for some, this will be a great new start.

But what if travel is in your blood…? What if it’s the only thing you want to do, regardless of when it comes back? Sometimes nothing else will compare to what you know and love.

We decided to launch the Talented Travel Hub as a way of keeping in touch with those who want to be kept updated on industry news, potential recruitment drives, motivational stories, blogs and any services we are offering to help those get back in to travel. We’ll be speaking to clients and letting them know just how many skilled industry professionals we have who are “waiting in the wings” for the re-development of our sector. Our clients will be offered special recruitment rates for supporting our Talented Travel Hub people back in to travel.

We want to make sure that your skills, talent and expertise of the travel industry don’t slip away unnoticed. You can get our newsletters straight in to your inbox so you can still be part of the industry you love.

You don’t need to do anything other than sign up with your email address and pick your area/s of expertise.

You can also register with us fully if you prefer by clicking here:

We look forward to welcoming you to our Hub!

For job search tips, advice, support and other news, please join us on Facebook, at Talented Travel Hub UK. You’ll need to be in, have worked in or would like to get back in to the travel industry in order to join us.