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December 11, 2017
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We’re going in to 2018 with a fantastic start to our company behind us, a fresh head of ideas for ways to attract the best talent in the industry and lots of new prospective and exciting clients to work with.  We’re motivated, passionate about what we do and keen to build our brand and position as a preferred recruiter for the Corporate Travel industry.

It’s hard being a start up company, there are no two ways about it. From the financial risk to the general “putting yourself out there” fear, it’s something neither of us have taken lightly and we know our future depends on our success. So we’re writing this to encourage EVERYONE to support small businesses across the UK in 2018, the people running them are just like you and I; mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, ambitious graduates or career changing daredevils – we are all keen to make our mark on the world in some way.

In the Urbanberry extended family alone, Emma’s grandparents, father and sister all ran/run their own small businesses from coat making to barbering to vintage style stationary. Caroline’s husband also runs his own recruitment business so for us, with natural born entrepeneurs all around us, the decision to go it alone was a simple one to make.

Small businesses thrive on positive feedback from their clients, they aim to deliver very high levels of customer service as reputation by word of mouth is extremely important to us. After all, how can we rely on advertising when we don’t have the budget to compete with the multi nationals of the world? So we don’t stick a huge advert on a billboard or spend our life savings on TV commercials – we drive our sales ourselves through nothing but hard work.

FOUR things about Urbanberry Recruitment that sets us apart from the big boys:

It’s personal: Everything we do or say is down to us. We make the decisions and we make the right ones. You won’t find us blaming service levels on another department, we take full accountability for our company and our choices

We WANT to work with you: You’re not just another company in our sales pipeline. Every client is valued, visited and respected. We’re here to help you, not inconvenience you

We’re nice: Honestly, we are. We like to have a bit of fun, a chat and a rapport with both our clients and our candidates, our personable natures are what make us approachable.

We don’t clock off at 5pm: If you need to chat to us out of work hours or at a weekend, just let us know and we’ll arrange it.

Make a change to your recruitment strategy in 2018 and consider putting an independent company like Urbanberry Recruitment on your PSL. After all, you don’t pay us a penny unless we fill your vacancy so what harm can it do letting us try? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see we’re mature, professional, experienced recruiters who care deeply about their company, our clients and our candidates.

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