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We work with a wide range of clients in the corporate travel sector – some have HR departments who deal with the majority of the recruitment and others it’s the managers of the section that they’re recruiting for. For some, we deal with the CEO directly! But no one, no matter what part of the company they work in, escapes navigating the pitfalls of the recruitment process. And one thing we tell everyone, especially those clients who have little experience of recruiting:  expect the unexpected!

It would seem the market within corporate travel recruitment is a particularly volatile one at the moment. It’s definitely candidate led with more jobs than there are suitable people. With the average candidate attending more than one interview, it’s not uncommon to be confident a candidate will take a job and be disappointed when they say they’ve found something that suits them more.

This often is NOT a reflection on you, your company or how you interviewed so try not to take it personally. It sadly is a sign of the times when a company in close comparison with yours,  but who can offer a higher salary, will win out on a candidate due to the financial pressures of everyday life placed on a lot of people these days.  As much as we’d love to believe people are purely motivated to leave jobs because of their desire to work for a specific company, in reality, it’s often about much  more than that. Cutting down on commuting time, better benefits, higher basic salaries and flexible working hours all come in to our candidates reasons when they turn down one job in favour of another.

We are finding more and more that candidates are getting interviews for more than one job type, or “exploring other options”. This can be within the travel industry or outside of it, either way, with the demand for skilled, enthusiastic and pro-active workers across many sectors, broadening horizons is certainly popular.

So how can the travel industry survive the rocky road of recruitment at a time when it seems like an uphill struggle?

CAST YOUR NET WIDER: Consider people who don’t 100% match your criteria. If everyone is wading in the same small pool of candidates, you can guarantee after a while it’s ran pretty dry. Be flexible on GDS, accept it may take a couple of months to train someone up on a specific part of the job. For a confident and capable person none of the above will be a major issue.

CONSIDER OFFERING ABOVE WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR AS A MINIMUM: Give them straight away the feeling you are a company that will pay for the right person. If someone is looking for £30k, offer them £32k. Seal the deal quickly and efficiently or you could spend the next 3 months looking for someone else.

REVIEW YOUR BENEFITS PACKAGE REGULARLY: Ask your current staff what it is that they want, what matters to them. Then use this great tool as a draw to put together a package to tempt people in.

MOVE QUICKLY – Good candidates do not hang around. If they have to take a day off work for an interview, the likelihood is they will try to secure more than one on the same day. It doesn’t always work out that the first company to offer a job to someone will be the one that snaps them up, but dragging your heels won’t help your cause.

We deal with vacancies, clients and candidates day in, day out across the UK. And sometimes, despite all the hard work that goes in to sourcing, preparing and interviewing people for jobs, it just doesn’t go to plan. It is naturally a huge disappointment for everyone involved if this happens but ultimately, decisions will be made that are not in either ours or our clients control. We remain focused on finding the right people for the right jobs – we are used to the emotional rollercoaster ride of recruitment so we’ll be there to help you through it!  Please contact us on emma@urbanberry.co.uk or caroline@urbanberry.co.uk to chat through any potential vacancies you may be looking to fill.

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