Recruiting: Human VS computer – who wins?

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February 9, 2018
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February 23, 2018

It’s Friday, it’s the end of another busy week for Urbanberry Recruitment Ltd and we’re really feeling the love this Valentines week with some great feedback on what we do from both candidates and clients alike.  This isn’t a blog post about blowing our own trumpets (although someone has to right?!), it’s a post written to  help understand how, and why, using a recruiter in 2018 is still much better than relying on an electronic device to detect the presence of a human being behind a job application.

With huge advances in technology compared to 20 years ago, recruitment is a totally different ball game to what it was. Gone are the piles of paperwork and folders stuffed full of candidate CV’s, replaced by efficient and informative online databases which allow information to be stored safely and inline with data protection laws.

No more placing job adverts in shop windows and receiving a barrage of calls from qualified prospective candidates, in fact, it’s even hard to attract the right person with online adverts these days. The sheer volume of job opportunities being advertised via agencies and companies directly makes it easy for your advert to slip quickly down the rankings, even within 24 hours of it being posted, severely limiting how many people can actually physically find it.

Technology has definitely impacted the recruitment industry – some of it in a very positive way, some of it negatively. It’s attempt to streamline all processes in recruitment via online mediums such as applications, screening questions,  psychometric testing- are all aimed to make the recruitment process “easier”  by taking away time spent talking to people who aren’t suitable. But is this really the way it should work for an industry that in our opinion, particularly in the travel sector, is based so much on personality, work ethic and communication skills? Why are we letting a computer tell us so much about a person instead of getting to know them and finding out about the personality  that cannot be detected from a Linkedin profile?

Let’s be honest, would you trust a driverless car, relying on pressing a few buttons for it to take you to your destination? What if you programmed in your route, the car set off but you realise it’s not going the way you want it to? There is no one to ask, no one to talk to and the car doesn’t give you the option to change what you’ve put in.  You KNOW you can do it better, you KNOW you know your stuff but a system that’s been pre-programmed tells you that you don’t?

We strongly fee that communication is still so important in recruitment. Yes, times have changed and any good recruiter uses all mediums available to advertise their roles and source the right people for the jobs they have, be it online or otherwise. HOWEVER! You can not, and will not, ever beat the personal touch that is required for helping people decide whether a job is right for them, or, truly understand what your client is looking for by being available at the end of the phone for a chat. The fact that we insist on talking to every single candidate before we send their CV to a client isn’t because we’re being awkward and trying to take up their lunch hours. It’s because travel is a personable industry, it’s about building relationships,  having excellent listening skills and being able to really identify that all important cultural fit.

And let’s not forget, sometimes candidates don’t put every single thing they have ever done in a job on their CV’s. We only find this out when we talk to them, we discuss in detail what they do/have done and uncover something exactly that our client is after! But if they’d applied online the computer would have definitely said no.  I once very nearly didn’t get a job because I wrote in capital letters and apparently that’s strange. The reason I write in capital letters is because my actual handwriting is illegible to the human eye and on a job application I thought it would make sense that they could actually read the words!! But do you think a computer gives you the opportunity to explain that?!

So yes, technology and recruitment now go hand in hand and we certainly take advantage of the latest and greatest developments to help us in our job. But we still go back to basics for the crux of what we do:  getting to know PEOPLE and not “key words” (or hand writing style…)

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