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January 30, 2018
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As recruiters in the niche industry that is corporate travel recruitment, we are only as good as the reputation we build and retain. And we strengthen this reputation by building relationships over time with both our candidates and our clients, getting to know you all professionally of course by your CV or job title, but also personally- what are you REALLY looking for, what kind of job is ideal for you, what kind of employee would slot in to your business perfectly?  This leads to open channels of communication, the ability to converse in a friendly and personable manner with the ultimate aim of helping you find your next career move or your next great hire.

So what effect does that little “Emma or Caroline from Urbanberry Recruitment would like to connect with you?” icon flashing away on your phone have on our ability to do our job well? Are we simply connecting with you to look more popular?!

Quite honestly, it means we want to add you to our network of talented people or desirable clients we’d like to (or currently do) represent.  It doesn’t mean we’re going to harass you with inappropriate jobs, stalk your connections or steal your employees!!

Linkedin is a fantastic tool for networking which should give you the opportunity to make a connection with a recruiter, whether you need us right now, next month or in 2 years time! The fact we have been connected and have been able to start even a virtual relationship means:

  • We can help you much quicker should you need us to
  • You get to know us as people and make an informed decision whether you’d like us to represent you based on our online presence
  • You don’t miss out on opportunities you may not ever have heard about, and,
  • We post interesting industry related blogs and articles which you may find useful and informative at ANY stage in your career

So please don’t be apprehensive if you receive a request from us, we’re corporate travel industry professionals and are looking to use Linkedin for its purpose- Business  Networking. We’re pro-active recruiters, widening our network so we can aim to  get to know the people in our industry and understand what matters to them.  We most certainly don’t expect everyone we request to be looking for a job or looking for staff but you never know, one day you, or someone close to you might just be. And hopefully Urbanberry Travel Recruitment will be at the forefront of your mind having already made that first step in to getting to know you.

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