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November 28, 2019
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How long do candidates wait to hear about the job they really want? What is an acceptable length of time that they should give a future employer to get back to them after they put their heart and soul in to an interview?

In our experience, some clients are very transparent about when candidates will hear back and give a solid deadline that they stick to. Others may be a little more difficult to pin down and for various reasons may take longer to come back to us. But in reality, if someone is job searching they are likely to have more than one company they are interviewing for and want to know where they stand with you as quickly as possible.

We believe that clients should give feedback as soon as physically possible after each interview, ideally no later than 24 hours after they have met the candidate. This feedback should include how the candidate presented themselves, how their skill set compares to the required skills for the role, whether there is anything they said/did that would make their suitability questionable and how they compared to other people that are being interviewed. And the big one – when can they expect to hear if they’ve been successful?

Depending on how much someone wants that particular job will determine how long they are willing to wait to hear the outcome but even the most keen of candidates will start to lose interest if they are kept waiting too long.  Some of the things we’ve heard recently from candidates who’ve had to wait an excessive amount of time for feedback after an interview, or, who have been advised a decision won’t be made quickly due to multiple interviews taking places over a few weeks:

  • I’m not good enough, they are waiting to see if someone better comes along
  • They aren’t reliable or trustworthy
  • Is there instability in the company?
  • They’re not showing me the same level of dedication to my application that I’ve shown them- do I want to work for someone like that?
  • I can’t risk turning down another opportunity that I’ve been offered
  • Do ALL decisions in this company take so long? Does anything ever get achieved?

Sometimes after an interview has taken place there is a change in the company and things get put on hold. In that case, it’s only fair to advise a candidate what’s happening and run the risk of them being offered something else if you can’t confirm a position for them. But employers do need to be aware that good candidates are hard to come by- if you like someone you interview and are confident they’ll be a good fit – HIRE THEM! Schedule your interviews over a period of time that means everyone will be interviewed in relatively quick succession so you can compare fairly and make a smart decision.

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