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November 7, 2017
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When it comes to finding the next hire for our clients, we take the term “candidate fit” seriously. It’s something we find vitally important if the person is to succeed in the role and the company. When you spend the majority of your day working, the environment has to be right in order for you to thrive and stay working for that company as a long term career.

So when we hear; “It’s absolutely vital that the person we need has…(fill in the blank)” The “blank” is usually competence on a particular system or experience in a certain market and rarely about actual personality traits which let’s face it, are key to a successful employee.

We’re not saying that skills relevant to the job aren’t important, when searching for someone with a particular skill set then of course we place a huge focus on that. But what we find is the companies who look at the candidate as a whole package rather than just a bullet point list of systems that can be used are the ones who will find that rare gem of an employee, a person dedicated to learning and progressing rather than just stagnating in a role they could do with their eyes shut.

Excellent ways that we find useful when determining a “candidate fit” are:

Focusing on their accomplishments in life and their career:  They’ve been able to learn numerous systems in previous jobs without an issue? Then the likelihood is they can learn effectively. Training may be something not everyone feels they have the time to do but if you choose the right person, it may be time well spent.

Placing a high value on attitude, work ethic, and motivation: We talk about their current work environment, what do they like/dislike, how do they deal with difficult times at work? It can be tricky to determine a hard worker before they’ve started employment with you but you can certainly tell a lot by questioning on past roles and responsibilities. Someone who will rise to the challenge of a new role is going to be a better recruit that someone who feels like the job is beneath them.

Communication – are they reliably communicating with us via phone or email? Do we constantly have to chase them or are they showing pro-active behaviour and taking charge of their job search? Good lines of communication are all positive signs that the person is keen and interested in a new role and taking the initiative to keep on top of things.

Talking openly about the working environment and opportunities available – A good hire will be one who is fully aware of the natural progression of their role. Whether it’s a position in which there is very little scope for moving up through the ranks or, a role in which opportunities could present themselves as time goes on, it’s important to be honest to make sure the candidate isn’t misled. That way, there isn’t the mistake made of employing someone who after 6 months is looking for the progression that was promised.

We strongly feel there is so much more to a person than what’s written on a CV and that’s why our recruitment strategy is so personal.  Bringing new people in to a company is always a risk as to how they will fit in, but a proper, structured interview process with a focus on skills AND candidate fit should help determine suitability before you take the plunge!

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