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July 17, 2018
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One of the reasons for feeling happy and settled in a job (and life) is if we feel our core values are being adhered to. We all have them, most of us know what they are but what we probably don’t realise is how much of an impact they have on our daily lives.

When Urbanberry was just a pipe dream, Caroline and I knew that the one thing we had in common which would make our business work was the same set of  work values.  Honesty, integrity, professionalism and empathy. And when something comes up in our day to day work lives that challenges our values, it doesn’t sit comfortably and it’s no surprise why.

Values sit just beneath the surface of our conscious mind. We might not always know they are there, but they impact our decisions, the way we choose to handle situations and in general, affect our happiness.  If we are faced with a situation which causes us to do something that conflicts with one of our values it can cause all manner of issues both physically and mentally. Ever felt so uncomfortable with a situation it makes you want to physically be sick? Or had that “can’t sleep, thumping of the heart” that anxiety can bring on? Work can be responsible for lots of situations in which our values are challenged and we often choose to work for companies whose company ethos mirrors the values of our own. And when lots of people with the same values work for the same company, internal cohesion within that workplace is obvious to all and a strong work force will be made.

Take a minute to think about the company you work for – do they live up to their values and more importantly, do they match yours? One of our clients recently told us that the underlying theme for their company values was “family”. Meaning that they place huge importance on sticking together in tough times, always being there to support and guide each other and ensuring everyone was looked after. How nice is that?! And whilst organisation values may differ somewhat from personal ones, they are both vital for your self-interest and happiness at work.

Certain job types challenge values more than others and sometimes it may be that you just need to redirect your career a little. Sales roles can be a tricky one, some people just aren’t comfortable with adding money on to a product or a service, even if it is worth it! And customer service positions in which you have to strongly stick by the company guidelines even if you feel empathy with the client can make you upset and awkward. Sometimes, it’s possible to adapt the job role to make it fit more comfortably – for example, recruitment is traditionally seen as a hardcore sales role and that anyone who works in it must be hard faced and not care about people, only care about figures. But we go against that and are the opposite – our sole focus is to work on relationships- we care about people and their careers and so far, it’s working!

So when you are looking for your next role, do spare some time to think about something other than money or job location. The building blocks of your personality are what will ultimately give you a sense of satisfaction at work so look out for them being nurtured!

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