Happy 2nd Birthday to us!

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October 1, 2019
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So, here we are on the 2nd anniversary of Urbanberry Recruitment! We didn’t dare to dream that 2 years ago, as we sat holding hands nervously waiting to publish our first Linkedin post that we’d be in this position just 24 short months later. We’ve thrown our all at our business and are extremely proud of what we’ve achieved and how we’ve helped the Business Travel industry.  We’re 2 women who had a goal to create a business that worked around our families, gave us flexibility to live our lives and also use the skills we’d worked so hard to achieve in our careers previous to having children.  We’re so grateful for the support we have received and the faith everyone has had in us- we think by now you can all see we’re in this for the long haul (excuse the travel related pun) and look forward to many, many more placements and new and exciting roles to fill!!

Here’s a little run down of our last 2 years in business-  watch out Year 3 of Urbanberry Recruitment, we’re coming to get you!!


  •  Being 1 placement short of 100 in 2 years of launching- who will be the magic number??
  •  Managing the business around growing families, house moves, new schools, holidays and life admin!
  •  Receiving (unprompted!) testimonials from candidates who say they’ve never worked with recruitment consultants like us before
  •  Having some clients now use us on an exclusive basis because we understand their business and take the time required to find suitable people, not just whoever is available
  •  Becoming more and more established and a name clients and candidates start to recognise

The “not-so”-highs:  

  •  Having to learn more and more about Accounting, tax and all manner of number related things!
  •  Accepting that Mince Pie Monday can only really happen in December (or maybe the last two weeks of November too??)
  •  Admitting that putting videos of ourselves on social media gave us nightmares (but we did it!!)

​Aspirations for Year 3:  

  • To provide a continuously professional and friendly service to our clients and candidates
  • To continue to grow our vacancies, developing new roles within existing clients and their departments
  • To get to know new clients and bring on new vacancies within the Corporate Travel and Events world
  • To make sure we are at the forefront of everyone’s minds when it comes to looking for a new role/member of staff
  • To get to see more of you at networking events!

Thank you all again for working with us since 2017, happy 2nd birthday to us!

Emma & Caroline


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