Focus on what you don’t want and you’ll realise what you do!

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March 5, 2018
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As a candidate, you are probably asked “what are you looking for in your next job?” as part of the standard conversation when you speak to a recruiter. Sometimes it’s fairly easy to answer – higher salary, more prospects, better commute etc. But we find it’s just important to find out what our candidates DON’T want, it sounds simple but it’s often a question that is overlooked until it’s too late and you are being requested to attend an interview for a job you aren’t really interested in because the recruiter didn’t understand your requirements properly.

We’ve always made a point of trying to get to grips with the kind of career move each candidate is looking to make and why. It might seem like we ask lots of questions but that’s because we don’t feel we’re doing our jobs if we don’t! As recruiters it helps us hugely to have as much information as possible so we can truly try and match you to a company you’ll be happy at and can thrive in.

This became all the more obvious when recently we dealt with a fabulous candidate who really couldn’t answer the “what are you looking for?” question.  She was unsure, couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was she wanted from her next company or even her next role, but, funnily enough, she COULD answer the “what are you NOT looking for?” question! She ended up being extremely specific about what she didn’t want and we had a great chat after about how actually she was totally clear on requirements even when she thought she was confused and had lost her way!

Another example is a candidate who recently came to us saying she wanted out of reservations, she’d had enough and wanted something different. She’d been applying for roles outside of travel that were so random it all felt a bit of a shame as she was so skilled in her consultant position and would be a great loss to the industry.  After discussing what it was she didn’t like about her role, it became very clear that she actually loved her job! It was the company itself she was having issues with and the way she was being made to treat her clients. So, we found her a company that prides itself on client retention and high service levels and she’s back to work with a spring in her step!

We feel that it’s super important as recruiters to offer our guidance to candidates, to listen and be a support during a job search. It can be a daunting process, people do get confused about what direction they should take, especially if they are dealing with more than one recruiter or job application.

So what should you expect from a good recruitment consultant?

  • A good recruiter will listen and take note of your essential must have and have not’s
  • They will challenge you on which things (if any) could be overlooked and try to get you to really think about what’s a deal breaker for you
  • They will ask you what happens if… (insert your own dilemma here!) This is to gauge what’s really important to you- would you stay where you are for another £1k? Would you travel an extra 5 miles for that perfect job?
  • They will dig to find out what you enjoy/ don’t enjoy about your job – sometimes just talking about it can help gain clarity in what direction you should be looking towards next
  • They  will want to understand your reasons for leaving in detail – this isn’t just to be nosey, it’s to make sure that you don’t come up against the same issues with your next company

Above all else, they will be easy to talk to, approachable and patient. For some people, the decision to leave a job comes easily, for others, they need a little help and support along the way and to be able to talk to someone when they get the wobbles.

If you’re in the corporate travel sector and are looking to change jobs or just find out what’s out there at the moment, Urbanberry Recruitment can help! We offer a free service to our candidates which includes dealing exclusively with recruiters who have extensive experience in the industry and love what they do.

Please get in touch for an informal chat- you won’t regret choosing to work with us. or 

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