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August 7, 2018
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September 7, 2018

As the summer continues to fly by, both Caroline and I are feeling the recruitment pace pick up for the September rush-it’s certainly a time for change. And this September holds a huge change for us personally as it’s the one in which our babies start school! Both of us have children who are heading off in to the big wide world of Reception this year and come September 4th, we might need to be keeping the tissues on standby as we wave our first borns off to carve out their own path in the education system.

Everyone says it’s the parents who are much worse than the children when it comes to starting something new – kids embrace every opportunity to meet new people, play with different toys and expand their learning capacity. At the ages of 4 and 5, the world is their oyster and excitement looms around every corner.  If you think about it, the process of starting school marks an important milestone in their little lives, it’s the first time they are going to be pitched against others in a competitive way in order to achieve their full potential. They will come across difficult situations, be it “who will they sit next to at lunch?’ or “how to solve a troubling maths puzzle?” but ultimately now is the point in which we won’t be there to tell them what to do and how to do it all the time.  

It’s just the beginning of a lifetime of fresh starts, new challenges and “finding their feet” in different environments. And isn’t that just what starting a new job is like? The anticipation of meeting the people who will become your new set of friends, the anxiety over will you fit in, will you be able to do the work, will you perform to expected standards? In fact, starting a new job can bring up all manner of emotions including nerves, excitement, doubt, passion, ambition.. lots to contend with! But we do it because we want better, we want to prove our capabilities in a different environment and challenge ourselves with the unknown. And all the “fresh starts” we’ve had to endure throughout our formative years have given us the foundations to be able grab new opportunities when they come in! Yet it still takes a great deal of courage to take a leap of faith in to the unknown, make that move from your comfort zone in to something that we know will unsettle us.

 Here’s our top 3 tips to bear in mind when you make that decision to leave your job so you stay focused on your very own new beginning!

  • Remember the WHY. It’s normal to start getting anxious as soon as other companies want to see you for an interview, all of sudden it becomes real. But keep sight of what made you reach out to that recruiter or apply for that job. It’s because deep down you want something different and cancelling interviews because of nerves will only see you back at the same point 6 months down the line.
  • Focus on the immediate future. We’re all guilty of trying to think too far ahead but forget the long term plan. Being happy in the here and now is what’s important, that in itself will give you drive and motivation to succeed in whatever you do. If you’re frustrated RIGHT NOW, do something about it or it will affect all aspects of your life.
  • The grass CAN be greener.  There will be companies that are a better cultural fit for you, have a more relatable management style or an interesting, alternative client base. Go and see for yourself, seize the opportunity to try something new, embrace a challenge and see every new job as a chance to meet people who will influence your life in lots of ways. Don’t make excuses!

Now, as our babies (are we allowed to still call them that?!) graduate from pre-school this week and set their sights on the glittering heights of reception class, we are reminded that new beginnings whilst nerve wracking, are part of life and definitely part of what make us keep on pushing for bigger and better things.

Please contact us if you’d like to have a chat about potential new roles in the business travel industry- we’re always here to listen to what it is you are looking for and offer our help and advice.

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