December: the perfect time to start looking for a new job!

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October 26, 2018
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December 17, 2018

It’s almost December.. a time to wind down, slow the pace a little at work and lets be honest, eat and drink LOADS. It’s certainly not a time for looking for a new job…. Is it?

We are firm believers that actually, December is a perfect time to be thinking about your next career move. Whilst other industries slow down, travel recruitment picks up! We have had plenty of jobs come in over the last week which show that our clients are all gearing up for the busy first quarter of 2019 and want to get their workforce in place. It’s an idea opportunity to sneak in there before every one else wakes up on New Years Day and decides that 2019 is the year they want to change their life, starting with taking control of their career.

So whilst it might be tempting to spend the next few weeks enjoying your Christmas parties, festive feasts and plenty of mince pies, we suggest getting that CV ready, touching base with your favourite recruiters (us, obviously) and getting your new year off to a flying start. (of course, still definitely go to the parties, eat the food and be merry!)

Here’s what we think you should think about asking the big man for in 2019:

Dear Santa, for Christmas I’d like an employer that:

Appreciates the hard work I do: Fed up of being the only one sat working in the office after hours and receiving no thanks? We all know travel is unpredictable and some clients are more demanding than others but extra time, effort and dedication to your role should be recognised. If you feel you’re being taken for granted despite voicing your concerns, it could be time to look for a job in which you can be valued.

Respects my opinions and my knowledge: There’s nothing worse than a manager who won’t listen to their staff. Those of you who are on the front line, dealing with the nitty gritty of the business every single day have extremely valid points to make on how to improve processes and procedures. You want to make sure your employer has an “open door policy” where you can take your concerns and recommendations for improvements and they’ll be listened to seriously.

Offers me opportunities to expand my skill set: If you’re good at what you do, some employers might want to keep you doing just that. But look for an employer who will offer you extra responsibility, diversifying your knowledge and helping you to grow. Keeping you stifled will only result in you becoming bored and frustrated – we all need to be challenged in the workplace to avoid complacency.

Shows me the money! We would always advise against moving jobs purely for financial reasons. But if you’re being underpaid or feel peeved that you aren’t on a fair pay scale then time to have a conversation with your manager. Requesting pay rises out of line with company annual reviews might not get you anywhere but if at review time, your (realistic) needs aren’t met, take a look at what competitors are paying.

Makes me happy to come to work every day: Don’t get stuck in a job that doesn’t meet your needs. Be brave, speak to us and see if we can help. Let’s be honest,  work is never going to be looked forward to like a holiday in the Caribbean, but, it should make you feel satisfied, respected and challenged.  If it’s not, it’s time to re-evaluate your position and see what changes you can make.

We offer a discreet, personalised and “no pressure” service to our candidates. Our role is to understand what you are looking for and find a role that suits you, not to try and shoe horn you in to whatever we have available. So if you want to work with a travel recruitment company who actually do listen, please get in touch with Caroline or Emma for a confidential chat before the year is out! and

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