Confusion regarding what recruitment companies provide is regularly expressed. Do we merely forward your CV on to a client and keep our fingers crossed they might want to interview you?

Absolutely not.

From our initial telephone call with you we will ask you (lots of!) questions to determine exactly what you are looking for. The more honest, open and informative you are with us, the more we will be able to create a clear picture of what your next role should be. We’ll discuss with you if there are any current vacancies that you might be interested in and create a profile for you in our database so we can find you easily when new jobs come in that might suit you. We’ll highlight not only your key skills but also your personality traits, preferred working environment and salary expectations to make finding your next employer as easy as possible.


But that’s not it.

The relationships we have with our clients means that even if there isn’t a vacancy in their company right now, they trust us to suggest candidates who we think they might be interested in hiring in the near future. So we can call them up and have a chat on your behalf, helping you get one foot in the door ahead of everyone else.


WAIT! And there’s more..​

Once we’ve secured you an interview, you’ll have our unfailing support at all times. Whilst this doesn’t extend to being with you in the interview room cheering you on (sadly!), we can most certainly calm those nerves beforehand with a reassuring phone call, run through some interview practice with you and make sure you’re fully prepared with journey information and interview expectations.

We’re not done yet…

After your interview we want to know what you thought! Your feedback is important to us – it helps us gauge your interest in the role and the company so everyone knows where they stand. Without feedback we have nothing to pass on to our clients.. and if they don’t know you’re interested, you could get overlooked! So we’ll look forward to chatting with you about how it went and liaising with the client on your behalf.


Obviously our aim is to get you the perfect job offer you can’t possibly refuse. But sometimes it takes a little work, a little negotiation and a lot of phone calls to make this possible. We’ll have all the awkward conversations for you and ensure we do it with diplomacy, tact and professionalism.

Ongoing support, now, then and whenever you need it.

What makes us different at Urbanberry is that you’re not just a notch on our commission board. Our targets are personal, not financial. We want you to be in the right job so we’ll keep in touch as you start your new role, helping to iron out any teething problems and hope you settle in nicely. We’d hope you feel like you can pick up the phone or send us an email at any time if you have any questions or concerns and we’ll always do our best to help.