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November 1, 2017
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Being in recruitment for many years means both Caroline and Emma have heard their fair share of awkward questions candidates may have asked during the interview process- but sometimes it’s not always obvious these aren’t the things to ask! It’s really important to think what the message is you are sending to your potential employer, what they are hearing could be sounding alarm bells!!

Some of these things are points in the contract you will need to know, but do wait for that job offer to come in first before you ask…

  • What’s your policy on social media?  

Now, if you’re working in advertising, marketing etc, you can be pretty confident that the policy on social media is fairly relaxed. However, when your role relies very little on the latest Instagram picture of your new bag at 11am, asking about when’s the best time to check your Facebook is definitely something that can wait until you start!

  • Will this take long? I have another interview to get to.

Your recruiter should have told you how long the interview will take and if they haven’t, make sure you ask them PRIOR to the interview so you can plan your day accordingly. If you are scheduling more than one interview in a day, make sure you leave plenty of time between them so even if your first interviewer is late or it ends up taking longer than anticipated, you never have to ask “will I be here much longer?”  Sadly it doesn’t make you appear in demand, it give the impression you aren’t serious about their job role.

  • How much sick pay will I get?

Ok, so this is a hard one. You do need to know the company policy on sick pay should you ever need it as let’s face it, most of us do at some point or another. You may even need to know it due to long standing health complications.  But highlighting your interest in it at an interview throws the employer in a spin over whether you are more interested in working for them or are planning your first sick leave already! This is question that’s best saved for when you are offered a job and the contract is drawn up, it should be clear on there but if not, make sure you clarify it with HR then.

  • I am happy to do this job to get my foot in to the door but what other opportunities are there for me in the company as I really want to work in XXX….

It can be difficult to differentiate between appearing ambitious in a positive way, or, coming across as someone who will be unhappy in the role they are interviewing for as they want to progress quickly. Remember, the most important thing is that you interview for the actual job you are sat there for. Don’t try and sell yourself as a Project Manager if you are applying as a Business Travel Consultant.  It’s good to say you enjoy learning new things and are happy to see where you’re strengths take you within the company but for now, your focus must be on the current role.

If you are ever unsure whether you think a certain question is a good idea, always feel free to run it by us prior to your interview – it may be that your question is a totally valid one but just needs a little tweaking to make sure it is heard in the most positive way!

Contact us at info@urbanberry.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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